The various rooms I’ve used as

StrongHeart Recording

(through the years)

from spare bedrooms to motel room to dedicated commercial space.

My sister Olga's spare room in Los Angeles in Mid-70s
I still have the Strat but I traided the Ovation for a drumset.
One of many Motel Rooms
Motel Room on the Road.
I converted the garage in the backyard.
While working on the hand built systhesizer
Slow shutter speed test
Promotional Picture for going back on the road
Synthesizer Completed
With the 512 Mac
LivingRoom of my first Apartment in Billings
My fifth floor apartment in Billings MT.
My apartment livingroom .
Michael North's amps, Line6, VoxAC100, Marshall DSL 2000
Michael North drum set, Ludwig
My studio in the earth-bermed home in Emerld Hills Montana
My shy assistant Buddy in the Strongheart Recording Studio.
My room in Marion MT.
POV from my main chair.
My small room in NJ
Living room in Aurprise AZ.
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